MetroClean Express is the New York Metropolitan area's foremost provider of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for public spaces and has developed a reputation as a leader in the provision of maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) services. Operating from a 50,000 square-foot facility next to the Midtown Tunnel in Long Island City, Queens, MetroClean is a centrally-located, technologically-sophisticated operation with a proven record of service for a wide range of commercial clients, municipalities, engineering firms and contractors.

MetroClean Express' experienced staff is backed by a specialized computer network which tracks all of the company's operations, including service requests, dispatching and record keeping. Field activities are monitored and directed by a 24-hour, centrally-controlled, two-way communications network, and an in-house repair shop keeps MetroClean's large and diverse fleet of vehicles well-maintained and ready for rapid mobilization.